Branding For Holistic Businesses

Hello 2024 and all of your endless possibilities. This year I am looking forward to delving further into the world of branding. Looking back on 2023, there was a natural shift that occurred in my business, leading me to work more closely with small businesses. I am still passionate and in love with capturing families and especially the magic of motherhood, but I have also found a way to incorporate my love of design, interior photography and creative planning into my creative work. I have had the opportunity to align with several businesses on planning and creating content for their websites and social media.  In particular, those with holistic and health care businesses have been my main focus as I am also learning to be a holistic heath coach, something which I have always had a keen interest in and can’t wait to share more of with the world. 

Last year I had the pleasure of connecting with a beautiful soul who is a holistic therapy practitioner by the name of Lauren Power. Lauren is both a Reflexologist and Crystal Reiki Practitioner. As quoted on her website, “reflexology is an ancient healing art, backed by scientific research, based on the understanding that each foot contains over 7000 nerve endings that connect to every part, organ, and system of the body.” Crystal reiki combines the powerful frequencies of crystals, sacred geometry, and reiki energy to supercharge your healing experience. Two modalities that are very powerful on their own or using a combination of both to assist in your healing journey. Lauren also runs a separate website called Burnt Turquoise which focuses more on her personal journey of fashion, travel and using colour/style to channel good energy. The photoshoot took place out of Holly Morris Wellness in Uxbridge where Lauren sees clients several times a week. This wellness center has so much to offer, so make sure you browse their website. 

Through vision boards and several conversations, Lauren and I were able to hone in on the type of imagery that would best reflect her business. We aimed to bring forth her inner wisdom and personality, while conveying to her audience the practices she offers. This particular photoshoot ran about 2.5 hours in length as we used several rooms and setups to create the mood and final images. There is so much more work and planning behind the scenes than people realize when creating a branding photoshoot. A lot of the planning takes place before even setting foot inside a studio or location. 

The new year is a perfect time to get those branding images shot and freshen up your website with new content. If you are interested in working with me or have any questions, please reach out to schedule a consultation call. Wishing you prosperity and good health as your navigate through the chapters of 2024.

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