I create imagery with heart.

My name is Iris and I was born into a family of artists and I'm so grateful to have art surrounding my life from early childhood. My memories are those of drawing, painting and falling love with all the colours in my pencil crayon kit. I was fortunate to spend Summers in Europe where my love affair of beauty and culture evolved. My school work growing up was filled with ink, doodles and pencil scribbles. I've yet to get a tattoo, something I've envisioned for man years.

I have been a Graphic Designer for many years, pursuing Photography just came naturally and the two work together seamlessly. I have both my certifications in Design and Photography, something I'm pretty proud of. This journey of life has given me more experience than anything I could have learned at school. Being a wife and mother changed me completely and has shifted my beliefs, ideas and perspective on what is beautiful and meaningful.

I put my soul and creativity into my work. I want to create more than images with you, I want to create an experience and a lifetime of emotive images you can cherish. My photography is based on human connection. Whether its between the people I am photographing or between you and I as your photographer. I document stories of love in the lives of families, their children and pets, couples and small intimate weddings. I also work with small businesses on their visions for branding, print and social media.

I can't wait to document your story. Let's connect.


Fill in a few details below. Don't be shy. / Newmarket & GTA

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